Launched in 2013, Empower, LLC improves corporate transparency and accountability by eliminating the strategic information gap between businesses and civil society stakeholders.

To accomplish this, we conduct strategic research, provide business intelligence, and build civil society capacities to engage businesses in order to improve private sector compliance with human rights, environmental, and social responsibility standards.

As an alternative to the corporate-led model of globalization, we at Empower, LLC seek to contribute to building a democratic economy by operating as a worker-owned organization ourselves. In this regard, we will only work for clients that are aligned with our Social Responsibility Guidelines.

As part of our Social Responsibility Guidelines, Empower, LLC is committed to distribute a majority of our annual profits as philanthropic contributions to non-governmental, non-profit partners that also adhere to our Guidelines.
Empower, LLC provides four core services:


Empower, LLC's core capacity is conducting strategic corporate research for civil society organizations, such as NGOs, trade unions, worker and community-based movements, think tanks, universities, philanthropic organizations, and other groups aligned with the goals of economic, political, and social justice, economic equality and social equity, and citizen empowerment. Empower, LLC strives to help civil society organizations overcome the information gap faced by communities, workers, and other corporate stakeholders by using the latest tools and methods to collect, analyze, and disseminate information.

Strategic research investigates and identifies relationships of power between a corporation and its stakeholders, placing the corporation in the broader context of its economic, social, and political environment. Once this key information is gathered, our researchers can better identify a company's decision-makers, profit centers, growth strategies, and other key factors relevant to a company's activity. This research is then combined with rigorous analysis and recommendations for action tailored to help our clients build power and meet their strategic goals.

Sample research fields include:

• Industries and Supply Chains
   › Analysis of key actors in an economic sector, supply chain, or geographic area. This type of analysis assesses power relations between firms and among related social actors, surveys the competitive environment of a sector, and identifies the most favorable sites for intervention and engagement.

   › Corporate profiles of publicly-held, privately-held, and state enterprises to identify operations and facilities, employees, business history, products and services, and operational strategies.
   › Financial analysis, including debt and equity analyses.
   › Analysis of a firm’s legal and social liabilities, including its safety and health record, environmental compliance, political donations and relationships, and labor relations.
   › Corporate structure mapping including a firm’s subsidiaries, suppliers, and clients.
   › Identifying a company’s relevant decision-makers, key relationships, and vital institutional connections.

• IndividuALs
   › Due diligence profiles of corporate managers, members of boards of directors, and other key actors to a company’s operations. Other services include asset searches and social network analysis.

Our research findings are tailored and disseminated according to a client's needs and specifications.


Empower, LLC is equipped to gather hard-to-find data and documents that may be critical to an organization’s campaign goals. Our researchers are currently able to operate in the United States, Canada, Europe, throughout Latin America, and in parts of Africa. They are trained in qualitative and quantitative social science methods, finance, the law, and other disciplines.

Types of data that can be accessed and collected include:
   › Interviews with key principals and other targeted stakeholders.
   › Surveys of workers, customers, or community residents.
   › Collection of primary source documents through online and in-person records searches, as well other types of data that can only be obtained through field-based research methods.
   › Analysis of secondary source material gathered through accessing news, media, and scholarly databases.
   › Financial information, including equity, debt, and forensic details.

Due to the sensitive nature of collecting and evaluating these forms of data, Empower, LLC uses the latest tools and rigorous standards to ensure the security and integrity of its data.

3. Power analysis and campaign planning

Our researchers work with clients to identify the economic, political, legal, regulatory, and social environments that affect their organizations. Through consultation, we help clients identify relationships of power and potential allies to help them develop strategies to meet their organization’s goals.


Empower, LLC’s multi-lingual team is equipped to conduct trainings in all facets of strategic research, campaign planning, internal capacity-building, and institutional strengthening to meet a client's needs.
Benjamin Cokelet
President, CEO

In 2008, Benjamin founded the Project on Organizing, Development, Education, and Research (PODER), a regional corporate transparency, accountability, and human rights organization in Latin America. PODER has been widely recognized for its work, including having won the NYU Stern School of Business's prestigious Social Venture Competition, as well as Echoing Green and Ashoka fellowships.

Prior to founding PODER and Empower, LLC, Benjamin worked for 12 years as a strategic corporate researcher, community and union organizer, and human rights advocate in both the United States and Mexico. Benjamin holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science and African and African-American Studies from Washington University in St. Louis and a Masters degree in International Business and Politics from NYU.

Empower, LLC welcomes investors that are aligned with our long-term goals of economic, political, and social justice.   Please refer to our Social Responsibility Guidelines.
If you or your organization are interested in learning more about Empower, LLC, please contact us at: