We eliminate the strategic information gap

Between civil society and business

We eliminate the strategic information gap between civil society and business

Our Services

Strategic Research

Strategic research identifies the power relationships between a company and its stakeholders, placing the company in the broader context of its economic, political, and social environments.

Strategic Guidance

Our researchers work with clients and partners to identify the political, legal, regulatory, and social environments that affect their organizations. Through consultations, we help identify the power relationships, risk, and opportunities in their operating environments.


Our multilingual team is prepared to conduct classroom or on-site trainings in all facets of strategic research, campaign planning, internal capacity building, and institutional strengthening in order to meet the needs of our clients and partners.


In addition to providing strategic corporate research, guidance, and training for clients and partners, Empower specializes in four issues that represent extreme challenges now and in the future for human rights defenders and civil society organizations as corporate accountability guarantors.

Private Capital

As unprecedented wealth transfer takes place worldwide, a concomitant capital shift from public to private markets is happening in real-time and right under our noses.

Democratic Economies

Beyond defending and demanding human rights and corporate accountability, together we must build democratic economies for all, not just an elite few.

Grave Crimes and Financial Flows

We research the links between companies, governments, and organized crime in order to find the true beneficiaries and intellectual authors of grave human rights violations.

Technology and Human Rights

We research, monitor, and expose new threats to human rights posed by technology in the hands of companies and governments.

Corporate Capture of the State

Corporate capture is a fundamental strategy of private economic power. It is also one of the worst evils plaguing people and planet.

Climate Crisis and Energy Transition

We follow the money to track the companies and investors behind new and existing fossil fuel infrastructure as well as nefarious renewable energy projects.

Social Commitment

At Empower we follow a Social Commitment and we work with clients and partners that are aligned with them. In addition, we pledge to distribute the majority of our annual profits as philanthropic contributions to civil society partners.