Welcome to Empower’s blog!

Welcome to Empower’s blog!


Human rights defenders, corporate accountability advocates, civil society allies, and friends in general, with the publication of this first blog we inaugurate this public communication space to share advances about our work and that of our partners, as well as commentary and reports about the issues we work on, on a monthly basis.

Here you will find analysis, journalistic content, and important announcements about Technology and Human Rights, Grave Crimes and Financial Flows, Private Capital, and the New Economic Paradigm, all of which are our areas of expertise.

On the issue of Technology and Human Rights, we research, monitor, and expose technology companies that pose new threats to human rights, while revealing their links to governments. For example, we have investigated the use of surveillance tools for the mass deportation of migrants from the United States. You can read the report Who’s behind ICE? The tech and data companies fueling deportations, by clicking this link. Who?s behind ICE? The tech and data companies fueling deportations, dando clic al enlace.

Regarding Grave Crimes and Financial Flows, we researched the links between companies, governments, and members of organized crime to expose the intellectual authors behind serious human rights violations, especially in Mexico. A sample of this work can be found at the Illicit Flows, con dos investigaciones que indagan el papel de las empresas dentro de las estructuras macrocriminales en Coahuila y Veracruz. 

In the area of Private Capital, we analyze how the investment that private capital receives (flowing mainly to private equity and hedge funds) remains elusive and opaque, while its transactions threaten people and planet. In our book “Runaway Train: The Perilous and Pernicious Path of Private Capital Worldwide”, we examine the increase, expansion, and acceleration of private capital globally. Our goal is to help corporate accountability activists convert the vulnerabilities of private capital into opportunities for accountability.

Finally, with our New Economic Paradigm project, we seek to go beyond defending and demanding human rights and corporate accountability to building democratic economies for all, not just a few. 

If these areas are of interest, we invite you to consult this space at least once a month and sign up for our biweekly newsletter to receive information before anyone else, right in the comfort of your inbox. 

We also suggest you think of this blog as a space for dialogue to enrichem and broaden perspectives, so do not hesitate to share your doubts, concerns, and suggestions in the comments section at the end of each publication.

We hope to hear from you soon.