Here atEmpower,we are a Mexico-based, worker-owned, worker-governed social enterprise that specializes in strategic research, business intelligence, due diligence, and civil society capacity building.Our mission is to improve corporate transparency and accountability by eliminating the strategic information gap between businesses and civil society stakeholders.

Generally, we work on six thematic areas: technology and human rights; grave crimes and illicit financial flows; democratic economies; private capital; climate crisis and energy transition; and corporate capture of the State. We also work on business and human rights; labor rights issues, including forced labor; supply chain research, including regarding the climate crisis and the just transition; and investigative journalism.

As research consultants and providers, our work invariably employs a corporate capture framework, follow-the-money methodology, power mapping and analysis, tech-based information tools, and a mix of open and human sources to produce actionable intelligence for advocates seeking to enhance understanding, press advocacy strategies, or directly engage corporate targets.

Select examples of Empower’s work with a corporate capture focus include:

  • Who’s Behind ICE?”: According toMary Beth Gallagherfrom Domini Impact Investments, “[This research] that Empower produced for Mijente was excellent. We learned where the money was going and acted on it, connecting dots between public contracts and who is doing business with who.”

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